Sally-Anne Lyons | Creative Clothing Solutions for Women

Meet The Creator

"I love seeing the transformation in my clients when they find designs that make them smile'“

At five Sally-Anne Lyons knitted her first jumper. At seven she got her first sewing machine and creating fashion has been part of her life ever since.  At 16 Sally sewed her dance costumes for ballet, ballroom and Latin dance competitions. Fellow competitors loved her costumes so much they persuaded her to make theirs.  

Arriving in Perth after living in Papua New Guinea and Sydney, Sally-Anne continued designing and sewing.  She gradually developed her dress-making into a business through referrals from friends and their families, all this while working full time in the travel industry and lecturing in higher education.

Sally’s experience with a wide range of customers and their needs led her to understand there is a demand for clothes that tailor to all ages and all sizes. She thus took the leap and committed to design and creation as a full time occupation, building a workshop and studio in East Victoria Park.  From there she launched All Figured Out (AFO), now a brand under the house of Sally-Anne Lyons® where she creates unique designs that fit and flatter women of all ages, shapes and sizes. Her love for travelling provides an opportunity to access beautiful textiles from all around the world and provides creative inspiration.

Now in her ninth year as a full-time designer and creator, Sally’s passion for design and her continued one-on-one engagement with her customers ensure that she is continuously inspired to create new styles and concepts that both solve wardrobe challenges and bring joy. 

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What makes AFO different is that it's not constrained by rigid sizes. Instead it makes the best of each and every woman's shape through the AFO design and versatility.  A personalised shopping experience.

The Genie

Countless variable options

Sally says "The need for flexibility is central to my designs. Through hassle free mixing and matching you create endless options that are easy care, fun and unique. 'The Genie' is the pinnacle of the versatility of my designs, an item that can be worn, at last count, 30 ways.”