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Hi there, I’m Sally-Anne Lyons and I transform unique textiles into wearable fashion.

“this isn’t your typical clothes shopping experience”

Sally-Anne has developed ‘All figured out’, her brand based on the unique needs of every woman. ‘

Starting with comfortable and versatile basics from her Sallysentials. range. Layer these with unique pieces from the Limited Edition range, ZippitZ® tops and Zipsessories. The Genie and Indigenous Range completes the picture. Mix and match, layer up or down, adding more flexibility to your wardrobe.

What’s your story?

My body shape has changed and I want to know what suits me now
I want to wear more colour and need help to explore what I radiate in
I want to wear more colour and I need help to explore what I radiate in.
I want to wear unique textiles at an affordable price
I want a compact wardrobe that’s easy to manage but still have loads of variety
I want a compact wardrobe that’s super easy to manage yet has loads of variety

Their Stories

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“Sally-Anne always gives me her undivided attention and thoughtfully discusses different combinations, which I find extremely helpful, as I find it difficult to make decisions when shopping alone. Every garment is a perfect fit, long wearing, easy care and no ironing! Once a basic design and colour has been purchased, endless combinations can be added to make new and exciting outfits.”. Jenny H

Just a quick message to say I am using my pieces from you - took them overseas on my sailing holiday in 2017 (had to minimise luggage), took them on my motorbike trip across Australia last year (had to put it all in a tiny saddle bag on bike!!) and I wear them in between travels to work and casually!!!!  They are my most used items!! Alexandra H

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My Story


Meet the maker behind the Sally-Anne Lyons brand.

Sally’s passion for travel has enabled her to source unique textiles not generally found in the fashion market, making it possible to link the creator and wearer in a special way.

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