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All Figured Out - Made to fit you


It’s All Figured Out

The clothing collection made to fit you

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Where to start

Whether you are jet-setting, at home with the kids or out for coffee with friends, the All Figured Out (AFO) system will meet your needs.  It's versatile, unique, inspiring and will free you from an uncoordinated wardrobe and mismatched outfits. 

This is not a factory process.  These garments are handmade by women in Australia and supports my philosophy of ethical and sustainable fashion. 

The Basics - Sallysentials 

These base or top layer pieces are available in bamboo and polyester

…. over 40 colours to choose from.

Stylish, easy wear/care and designed to fit and flatter.

Finish It Off

Limited Edition & ZippitZ®

The Limited Edition and ZippitZ™ ranges are about adding personality to your wardrobe. They allow you to express your unique flair and style with flexibility. Every piece of fabric in these collections has been carefully and lovingly curated from a range of Australian and globally sourced textiles. They inspire you to express your individuality.

Limited Edition

items that are unique or one of a kind


the zip on accessory system with infinite possibilities 

The great news is: there are over 500 pieces ready for you to choose from.